A brief overview of Pay for Performance services

Nowadays, Pay for Performance is widely adopted by the online businesses. It is a risk-free SEO solution for SMEs as the marketing company gets paid only when they achieve the result they guarantee to deliver. If the SEO firm fails to meet the objective, then the companies do not make the payment.

As per several researches, it is observed that when the Pay For Performance done properly, it can provide an excellent benefit to SMEs by removing the risks that are associated with the services. A pay for performance model simply means that the SEO firm must have to achieve the results which they guarantee to deliver their clients.

Pay For Performance SEO

There are different types of Pay for Performance services. The three main services include:

  • Pay for Traffic: In this model, businesses have to make payment only when the traffic on their website will increase.
  • Pay for Ranking: In this model, the SME need to make payment based on the current ranking on search engines.
  • Pay based on Revenue: In this model, the SEO companies pay being based on factors like total profit, total sale, cost per acquisition, and increase in sales or profit.

You can choose the services as per your need and requirement.

If you would like to know more about Pay for Performance services, then visit a1interactive.com.


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