Pay per performance: A smart move of SEO campaign

Usually we don’t want to spend money for things that gives little to no value. Same opinion goes with online marketing. SEO is a crucial part of online marketing. For a firm entered new in online marketing, SEO is considered as compulsory task. However, Due to lack of accountability of SEO firms, selecting an SEO (search engine marketing) company becomes risky. Small or big each firm makes promises regardless of the result.

Pay for performance model hit the market to minimize the risk associated with SEO and PPC agency. Pay for performance SEO means the client has to pay money only after delivery of desired ranking status or sales leads. The client can categories pay for performance SEO services in three ways:

Pay for search engine ranking:  By taking pay for ranking SEO service, clients will pay when ranking achieved (for targeted keyword) in Google as promised by SEO firm. Campaign cost depends on ranking positions such as Ranking#1, ranking in Top 5, Ranking in Top 10 and ranking on the first page of search result etc. in this campaign, the client should not only worry about one time ranking; but also ranking should be maintained for a certain period.

Pay for revenue generated: In this model, payment will be based on company’s profit or sales generated through SEO campaign. This is a most reliable SEO technique and required high attention on sales generation and profit.

Pay for Traffic: SEO is properly known as high traffic generation technique. Increase in targeted traffic assures the success of an SEO campaign. Client willing to generate traffic can ask for pay for traffic SEO.

Through these ways, you can take a smart move by not overpaying SEO Company.


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