Things should be avoided in SEO

Online marketing is gradually becoming a necessary means for promotion of products and services. With millions of people using the internet, it’s been essential to make your website presence over internet. Search engine optimization is considered as the most effective technique for search engine visibility of a website.

Even a website with creative design and unique content will not produce results if it is not visible in search engine result. Optimizing a website can rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) which in turn increase website traffic. However, if not performed well it can be disastrous. Here are a few lists of things which should be avoided while doing SEO:

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Keyword Stuffing: Keywords are used to rank a website in search engine. Usually, we prefer to use product related target keywords in the title of the page. Also, we insert keywords in Meta and in the web content. Search engine ranks website on the basis of keywords. However, overusing or stuffing of keywords in content of title could adversely affect your website.

Duplicate content posting: Google always looks for fresh content. Using duplicate or plagiarized content could question your website’s credibility. Therefore avoiding such circumstances can produce results in your favour.

Link farm: Very known way of getting back link in the SEO process is the link exchange. However, placing links on irrelevant websites could blacklist your website as it is considered as a link farm in Google’s term.

Keyword Cannibalization: One of the biggest mistakes that affect the ranking is keyword cannibalization. In this, the webmaster uses the same keywords in each and every page of the website. This confuses Google as to which page is most relevant with such keyword. This can affect your website ranking badly.

Cloaking: You should also not use irrelevant keyword on web pages to avoid cloaking.

Such mistakes can be avoided by taking the service of pay for performance SEO.


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