3 Ways to Rank High With Local Search Optimization

Local search optimization is trending. That was a time when users looked for global information; gradually they want more of personal results, which will actually take them to the exact result.

Hence, there is no need to ask the question that whether there is a need of optimization of a business website for a local search. However, the question is how soon one should start doing this? To get the answer of this question take a look at few tips on starting with local search optimization

google local search optimization

Identify Terms for Local Search –

To optimize a business website, one should know what the people are actually looking for. To identify this –

  • Use keyword tool of Google Adwords or anything similar for finding local keywords in similar niche that helps in attracting traffic.
  • Check out web analytics for identifying what exact local terms coming visitors are using to find the website.

Local search keywords are basically combination of city or town where the business is located and offered service type.

Optimize Existing Web Pages –

For existing web pages, it already consists of describing pages for the related services. Hence, the first step should be making clear that the business wants to target a specific local market. It can be done by –

  • Adding town in page description and title with the name of offered service.
  • Including details of local contact such as name of the business and phone number.
  • Add a map on the website along with details in text also.

It is also possible to optimize page and post content by adding local terms without stuffing the keyword.

Localize Website Content –

If the business is available at various locations, in such case there are few other options such as –

  • Developing a landing page of every location. The page can also be used for grouping offering of local services. However, one should be careful about duplicate content on their website.
  • Use of software solution for localizing website content such as RIO SEO, Yoast Local SEO, Pay for performance SEO or similar services.

All these solutions help in improving the ranking of a website in the local search engine.